About US


    Primera Boutique is your ultimate fashion destination, offering you with premium quality, signature Abaya and Dresses couture and accessories that will inject elegance to your wardrobe. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, our clients are given access to a world of uniquely hand designed Abayas and Dresses that will escalate their style with confidence.  

    Managed by an ambitious team of UAE nationals, Primera boutique thrives to ensure quality and variety in all its products to satisfy our clients. We use only the best fabrics with over 100+ styles in different sizes to make a statement.  We are a one stop shop for all types of Abayas and stylish dresses and our collections never fail to impress the fashion lovers.

    At Primera boutique, we pride ourselves on designing and curating exclusive, well-made clothing. We constantly refresh our knowledge and collections to ensure that we have the best and latest styles available to you. With reasonable pricing and constant flow of trendy Abayas and Dresses, Primera boutique has always been your ultimate fashion partner.  

    We have amassed unique Abayas and Dresses, many of which are exclusive to Primera boutique to attract discerning customers. Taking inspiration from art and culture all across the globe, we try to create stunning designs which can contemplate the character and personality of contemporary fashionista women. The attention to detail given in all stages of Abaya and Dresses making from fabric selection, embellishments to stitching and delivery is truly incredible.     

   We offer our elite clientele bespoke Abayas and Dresses that infuses quality with fashion and ensures that each client gets something unique and trendy. We take special care in designing Abayas and Dresses that are most comfortable to wear, without losing the essence of Islamic clothing and culture. Our Abayas and Dresses are a representation of today’s women who loves to stay unique and wish to make a fashion statement everywhere. Above all, we deliver impeccable customer service to offer a comfortable shopping experience to our customers.

    Welcome to PRIMERA BOUTIQUE! Discover the amazing world of Abaya and Dresses fashion couture....


To maintain highest standard in terms of product quality, customer service and exceeds the expectations of our valued customers by offering them most enjoyable shopping experience.


It is PRIMERA boutique’s vision to become a global brand in the fashion apparel market and deliver outstanding customer service that build long term relationships with our clients.

Our Values

Primera boutique strives to act with integrity in everything we do. We always keep in mind these core values to ensure an added value to our clients.

  • Passion for fashion
  • Creativity and commitment
  • Constant development for variety
  • Quality and excellence
  • Community and Social Responsibility