The Sheila is the Arabic term used for the headscarf. The Sheila covers most of the head of women, while a part of the face is still visible. The Sheila can be worn in different ways. The headscarf helps cover the head, the hair, most of the neck and some part of the face. Different women according to their region, traditions and culture wear the Sheila in different ways. The styles and designs of the Sheila can range from floral patterns to bold colors and can even include pastel colors. The most commonly worn color of the Sheila is the black Sheila that is mostly paired with the black abaya. A colored Sheila or a printed one can also be paired with a black abaya or a colored one. In some countries, girls are asked to wear a headscarf, as a sign of respect for their tradition and culture. Women are free to choose how they style their Sheila. While some may prefer to wear a headscarf, others don’t. Most women may also choose to customize their Sheila with an accessory, such as a jeweled brooch or a bejeweled pin. This customization is highly dependent on the women themselves.



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